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Thanks for visiting DavisRoping.com! We promote the sport of Rodeo and compete in Steer Roping, Team Roping, Calf Roping and Steer Wrestling events. Active in PRCA, USTRA and other associations you will see us at most steer roping finals in the country. Besides being actively involved in rodeo, our horses are a main priority. Please visit our horses page to see some of the finest equine athletes in the industry. Our roping horses are worth their weight in gold and I invite you to also connect with us on Facebook.

Steer Roping Bryce Davis

Steer Roping

A rodeo event based on western traditions where the cowboy and his horse have to work together to rope and tie a steer. Steer Roping is diffucult due to a fairly large steer and the requirement of a highly trained roping horse who can both take a jerk of the rope and hold the rope steady to allow the cowboy to tie the steer. Steer Roping horses are regarded as some of the hardest working athletes on the rodeo curcuit. It takes years of training before a horse is ready to haul in the Steer Roping and even longer before he can acheive the highest levels of competition.

Team Roping


Team Roping

Team Roping dates back to when cowboys worked together to rope cattle on the range, it takes precision, skill and most of all teamwork. Adding two horses and two cowboys (or cowgirls) to the mix where the fastest time with no penalties wins makes for a pretty exciting event. Besides being a rodeo event, team ropings can be found hosted as individual events in jackpot format. The USTRA is an association that allows people of all skill levels to compete against their peers and win money and prizes in their classes.

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